Yoga Teacher Training Course

Life Management Yoga Center is honoured and authorized to conduct the “Yoga Teachers Training Course” from the syllabus of “The Yoga Institute, India, est. 1918.; which has trained thousands of qualified Yoga teachers and continues to do so.
LMYC Teachers Training Course is based on Classical Yoga and meant to impact personality development at all levels: physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual.

50 % OFF – Basic Yoga Teachers Training – 88 hrs. – HK$ 8800

INCLUDES a FREE 8 day health camp to LMYC’s Mother Yoga Institute, India


45 hrs. of private training 

15 hrs. of group training (can choose from any current classes at any level)

14 hrs. of training in assisting and heading a class

14 hrs. on teaching the class as a teacher



Flexible schedules will be accommodated. We offer flexible schedules for your convenience.

For group training, please select from our current timetable.

For private training, Mondays at 10 am – 1 pm OR  Saturdays at 3.30 pm – 6.30 pm

Comprehensive Training – 288hrs – HKD 28,800

INCLUDES a FREE 8 day health camp to LMYC’s Mother Yoga Institute, India

Upon successful completion of the training a certificate issued by LMYC
and endorsed by The International Board, India will be awarded.
A special Training Refund Program is available for LMYC trained teachers
who return to conduct classes at LMYC with paid honorariums.
It is highly important and beneficial to undergo training now to be able to have in depth knowledge
and experience of Systematised Yoga Philosophy;
ready to impart in a simple and concentrated lesson plan format.
Participants are required to practice Karma Yoga
by assisting in conducting the regular on going sessions (minimum of 15 sessions).
Participants will also be required to lead the class after training to qualify for certification.
LMYC’s goal is to impart Yoga Wisdom Beyond Asanas (Postures)
The best way to become a good teacher is to be a good student.

Teachers Trained at LMYC



Every appliance comes with a manual. In my opinion Yoga is manual to life. With regular practice of yoga I have learnt to live my life in the right way, I eat right, I don’t fall sick at all. I am always full of energy and never get tired.

Before joining yoga my body was quite rigid but with a regular practice of yoga my body has become more flexible.   Click here to read the complete testimonial.

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News Upcoming Yoga TTC (Basic course) starting 5th Sept Classes every Mon 7.00 – 8.30m


“The yoga practice in LYMC leads me extremely well from being just a student to the path of taking the teachers’ training.  It allows me to realize more and more that I am calm and brave to attract warmth, understanding, love, happiness and togetherness.  Yoga reminds us of the power of union. When we are on the mat and our breath is not in union with our asana, there is struggle and disharmony, a lack of peace and joy.  While breath and asana are in union, we are in that divine flow, and we can see the possibility for growth in the midst of challenges, adversity, and fear.




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